Formidable hurdles on India’s road to super power

As the biggest demography and one of world’s fastest growing economy, India has exponentially grown into one of the most powerful nations in today’s world and is predicted to rise into a super power soon. But there are innumerous social, political and economic hurdles on India’s path and it indeed necessary to address each oneContinue reading “Formidable hurdles on India’s road to super power”

Are good grades everything?

“Intelligence and character are the goals of true education,” Martin Luther King Jr Good marks or grades are still considered as the accurate parameters to measure success for students. Time and again we all forget the fact that exam results merely determine a child’s proficiency of the material that exam is designed to test andContinue reading “Are good grades everything?”

Breaking The Stereotypes

Virtual assistants have made all our lives more productive ,efficient and less complicated . From forecasting the weather, to setting our reminders they assist us in virtually everything in our lives and have evolved as quite inescapable to human  existence. Life without any of these assistants seem almost impossible now. But wait, have we everContinue reading “Breaking The Stereotypes”

For The People !

From the very beginning,  the aberrant appointment of Praful K Patel as the administrator of Lakshadweep was viewed with extreme scepticism by the public and media. Later on, as days and months passed  the worst dreams of the citizens proved out one after the other . The administrator unleashed his true nature by approving severalContinue reading “For The People !”

K.K. Shailaja- a victim of the patriarchal viruses ?

Soon after the Left Democratic Font registered it’s resounding and historic win in the legislative assembly elections of Kerala, innumerous speculations emerged about the cabinet formation and the inclusion of fresh faces. But the news of K.K. Shailaja dropped off the second cabinet came as a huge shock to the Keralities. Her much adored covidContinue reading “K.K. Shailaja- a victim of the patriarchal viruses ?”

Domestic violence: An Unpardonable offence

Inspite of the strong cognizance regarding women’s rights and the evolving antagonism against gender based violence, women in the modern world still strive hard to materialize gender equality and fend off domestic violence. Domestic violence refers to the violence committed by someone in the victim’s domestic circle. Although domestic violence is a broad concept whichContinue reading “Domestic violence: An Unpardonable offence”

The innocent “invaders” of the sea

The native fishermen who cross the invisible maritime borders, in search of livelihood often end up in prisons of the neighbouring country, separated from their family, without being able to communicate to the outside world for several years, only because they tried to earn a living.  In spite of recurrent appeals from several humanitarians andContinue reading “The innocent “invaders” of the sea”

Crush The Curve !

Dazzled by the interim success in the first wave India, almost forgot the existence the microscopic pathogen. Our negligence resulted in a sudden upsurge of the positive cases and the profound spread of the lethal virus, necessitating instantaneous and severe preventive measures. The condition became turbulent as the patients started flooding to the hospitals, creatingContinue reading “Crush The Curve !”

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