Crush The Curve !

Dazzled by the interim success in the first wave India, almost forgot the existence the microscopic pathogen. Our negligence resulted in a sudden upsurge of the positive cases and the profound spread of the lethal virus, necessitating instantaneous and severe preventive measures. The condition became turbulent as the patients started flooding to the hospitals, creating dearth for beds and oxygen shortages coupled with vaccine shortages beleaguered India in all respects.

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                   The advent of vaccines and the plunge of the cases did elevate our confidence. As restrictions got lifted gently, we started reverting to the earlier practices. In spite of repeated cautions from the health care workers we continued breaching the safety measures. Public places once again thronged with huge mobs catalysing the exponential growth of positive cases. Celebrations and ceremonies were organised grandly, flouting all the guidelines. We even forgot to wear our masks properly while Covid guidelines remained only on paper. The recent Assembly polls exacerbated the situation, through massive election rallies packed with throngs and giant road shows with no restrictions at all. All of us were subsumed by various other matters and we had little time to worry about the tiny virus. It was very important to remember dense crowds can intensify the situation and develop clusters. India’s official policy of ‘vaccine diplomacy’ also backfired severely creating massive vaccine shortage back home. Thus, the situation turned volatile and cases climbed high, tottering the entire prevention mechanism that was built till date. The Panglossian attitude of all of us, both political leaders and the public alike pushed us into the ravine of the pandemic once again.

The need of the hour to act more responsibly. We should follow the guidelines both in letter and in spirit, the political leaders should act more dutifully and completely avoid crowded events, vaccines should be distributed sufficiently as soon as possible. Wear masks, maintain social distancing and wash your hands at regular intervals, these are to be considered as the responsibilities of each and every citizen. Together, let’s Crush this curve and wipe out this virus from amongst us forever. The challenge is strong, but we will get through this together very soon.

 Stay safe!!

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