Shyamchi Aai – Sane Guruji

Shyamchi Aai is a simple story that revolves around the heart-warming bond of a mother and her son, knitted with strong emotions and embedded with insightful life messages… Author keenly blends the beauty of nature and enticing rural life.   The protagonist of the story, Shyam’s mother (Aai) is such an affectionate and a doting mother whose very presence emitted vibes of calmness and tranquillity; she reflected a divine beauty from within and emanated love for all the living beings around her.  In spite of being uneducated Shyam’s Aai is a wise and bold lady she knows to be both soft and stern to her children moulding them to be better humans, she gave utmost importance to dignity and hated depending on others, she believed one should never run away from learning anything new and everything is possible if you have brains and will. Even when their family’s financial condition was deteriorating, Aai patiently endured it all without any complaints. Shyam’s father (Bhau) was also a wonderful man who never gave up his principles and toiled hard for his children. Once he travels six miles on foot to give Shyam his favourite sweet. Both Aai and Bhau wrap their children with copious love and care, at a point even Shyam feels he is unworthy of it. Each instance of Shyam’s life gives profound messages. Aai awes the readers by dejecting untouchability and with her boundless love to birds, animals and humans both rich and poor alike.  Despite being engulfed by debts, Shyam’s parents allow him to pursue his education and fly after his dreams.   The story also elucidates Shyam’s feelings towards his mother, he studies hard to look after his mother and give her back all the joys she lost.  But constant sufferings and tough grind to make ends meet mutilate Aai’s health, she gets affected by a severe fever. The author describes his mother’s caring nature in her last moments. Although she badly wanted to meet Shyam, she prevents anyone from informing him worrying it will disturb his studies. Even when she was dying, Aai is deeply concerned about others her last words “Take care of yourself” leaves the readers in melancholy. Unfortunately, Shyam couldn’t meet his mother in her last moments but he treasures Aai’s memories, her words still shed light on his path. This is an account of a life filled with poverty, deprivation, hard work, sacrifice, respect and love. Simple but poignant life stories supplemented with the graceful village atmosphere and vivid descriptions of the natural landscape, Shyamchi Aai literally takes you to another world of ecstasy which can never be missed.


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